Stress Monkey Alliance is the project brainchild of composer Robert Morris, who was born and raised in New York City.  Robert was a musician from a young age starting with violin, though it was the influence of his older brothers’ record collection that led him to learn guitar.  In high school his science teacher, noting his ineptitude in physics encouraged him to pursue his musical talent.  Robert attended Mannes College for Music and Manhattan School of Music in addition to studying with private instructors, and he has worked professionally as a musician from the age of 15, as an engineer, producer and session player.

As a pioneer in composing 3-D music, Robert Morris has directed his focus towards the improvement of multi channel Surround Sound applications. Rather then using Surround Sound solely for mixing and ambience, Robert developed an instrument that allows him to compose and create music in Surround Sound, completely enveloping the listener in three dimensionally rendered music. The end result is a lush sonic environment for any consumer or industry application that employs Surround Sound.

Stress Monkey Alliance’s new release, “Parts Unknown” comprises ethereal sounds that are sure to appeal to fans and music supervisors everywhere. “Parts Unknown” will be released online Sept 21, 2010 through Authentik Artists and is available now to music supervisors by emailing Authentik Artists directly:


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Original Music + 3D Sound Design For Multimedia • Composed by Robert Morris